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Our mission is to provide an enriching education, rooted in Jewish traditions and values, which fosters Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Character and Compassion.

Welcome to Weizmann

What Our Parents, Alumni, and Staff Say About Weizmann


A 2013 graduate: "The most important lessons I learned at Weizmann were how to be myself, what kind of person I should be, and how to portray that person to the world."

A 3rd grade parent: "[During our year abroad], I was commended for my son's attitude in the classroom.... The director of the school told me that Montessori schools strive to teach their children the level of empathy and caring attitude towards classmates with which my son arrived to her classroom. When I told her his love of learning had a lot to do with his school in the US, [she] mentioned that Weizmann is obviously doing something right!... I think the fact that you're always making children look around and observe kindness, etc., truly reinforces those behaviors."

A Weizmann teacher: "One of my favorite parts about teaching at Weizmann is the opportunity to take on large projects that are multi-disciplinary or STEAM, that combine the arts with other subjects,  including mosaic murals and sculpture, and building a child-sized sukkah." 


A 2017 alumna: "I don’t think anyone could understand the good time I had here without being in my position; then you would know how Weizmann changed me. I am more confident. Lately, I have been doing things I would never have done, but now that I am more confident, I know I can handle them."

A Kindergarten parent: "We get updates from her every day. She speaks positively about school every day.... One day she even said to me, 'Daddy, I love my new school.'"

A Weizmann educator: "Our small class sizes allow me to really get to know each child in a deep way, building our relationships over the years children are with us, from kindergarten to middle school."

A 2017 graduate: "Within the first month [after I started], we had all become a family. Everyone had a place in the classroom and a purpose.... I learned how to solve problems on my own, and how to push myself and get through the tough times. I became an independent adolescent and, most importantly, I learned how to respect my peers and appreciate my education."

A 5th grade parent: "My daughter is thriving at Weizmann." 

A 2015 alumnus: "At Weizmann, I haven’t made friends. I’ve made a family. The good thing about that is that family stays together no matter what. That’s what I love about this community. It’s small, but you get to know people so much better."

A Weizmann teacher: "At Weizmann, we can do what other schools only talk about and wish they could do...connect, collaborate, create, and communicate with each and every student, each and every day!"

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