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Our mission is to provide an enriching education, rooted in Jewish traditions and values, which fosters Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Character and Compassion.

The K-8 "elemiddle" advantage

National studies demonstrate the advantages of K-8 schools for students at all grade levels.*


The continuity of teachers, classmates, programs, and expectations enhances academic, social, and emotional development for students leading to greater academic achievement, self-esteem, and confidence.


Working together in Family Group activities and with grade-level Buddies creates personal connections between our older and younger students. In particular, the Kindergarten and Eighth Grade Buddies have a very poignant relationship.  The younger children encourage empathy in their older friends, while the eighth graders are inspired to provide positive role models for the kindergarteners.  We are always very touched when Big Buddies return to campus for their Kindergarten Buddies' graduation.


Middle school students in a K-8 setting serve as leaders and "seniors" as opposed to having to establish new reputations and social relationships in sixth grade, at a socially vulnerable time. This continuity is also highly beneficial academically, as middle school students are taught by teachers who know them and where support is needed and growth should be encouraged.

Moreover, in the elementary and middle grade years, your student's academic progress, interests, learning styles and gifts become defined and social-emotional strengths become clearer.  It is very difficult to know what the best match is for a 16-year-old when they are 10 or 11 years old.  But by the time your child is in eighth grade, the best match for high school is much easier to determine.  

Please click here for further research and sources.

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