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Our mission is to provide an enriching education, rooted in Jewish traditions and values, which fosters Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Character and Compassion.

Small is beautiful

Research from all states, regions, and demographic and economic groups demonstrates the importance of small class


  • Students reach higher cognitive developmental levels more rapidly.

  • They regularly earn higher academic achievement scores.

  • They display higher self-esteem and more cooperative behavior.

  • They demonstrate increased caring, tolerance, and patience.

  • They enjoy stronger relationships and feel a greater sense of personal responsibility.

  • Children continue to benefit from small elementary and middle schools well into their high school years.

How do our students benefit from small classes?

  • Each child receives individual attention and instruction.

  • Their individual strengths and needs are recognized and addressed.

  • They learn more, more quickly.

  • Students are encouraged to interact with their teachers and peers.

  • Teachers help them explore their own learning interests.

  • Each child is a valued member of a classroom community whose talents, strengths, and development are recognized.

  • Teachers focus on all students asking questions, expressing opinions, and taking part in class activities.

  • Our students enjoy more opportunities for independent and group learning.

  • They can participate in a wider range of field trips more often.

  • Weizmann students all have opportunities to lead and collaborate.

Please click here for further research and sources.

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