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Our mission is to provide an enriching education, rooted in Jewish traditions and values, which fosters Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Character and Compassion.

Middle School: preparing for lifelong learning

Language Arts
Social Studies
Jewish Studies
Hebrew and
The Sciences

Leadership and Service

Weizmann's K-8 structure gives our Middle School students the nurturing and age-appropriate support they need for a healthy, confident transition to the high school years.  Our young adolescents can continue to be themselves and develop their own interests.  

 The sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students act as mentors and role models for our community.  They are leaders in Family Groups, produce the school yearbook, and head the Student Council.  


Milestones such as the annual camping retreat, the visit to Catalina Island, the Washington, D.C., experience, and the culminating events of graduation provide students and their families with important and shared life experiences.

One of our most meaningful traditions is the relationship between the Kindergarten and Eighth Grade Buddies.  As they celebrate Shabbat, read together, and engage in STEAM activities, the younger children encourage empathy in their older friends, while the eighth graders are inspired to provide positive role models for the kindergarteners.  We are always very touched when Big Buddies return to campus for their Kindergarten Buddies' graduation.

Enjoying these privileges and responsibilities prepares Weizmann's graduates for those same opportunities in high school and beyond.


Core Curriculum

Weizmann's departmentalized program  focuses on age-appropriate learning experiences with instruction and pace to support the full range of learners.  

Middle School students continue to learn academic skills through collaboration, project-based learning, and real world problem-solving.  They also focus on more traditional methods such as note-taking and testing strategies.

Social-emotional learning continues to be integrated throughout the middle school curriculum.

All Middle Schoolers participate in visual and performing arts, music, computer science, and physical education, with additional after-school programs, the Musical Ensemble, our annual Shakepeare play, and the school-wide and Los Angeles County Science Fairs.

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Visual and
Performing Arts

Next Steps

Research shows that keeping children in a consistent and familial educational environment through the elementary and middle school years is ideal, before allowing them the freedom of a change of venue, new friends, and new challenges for high school. Because Weizmann ends in eighth grade, all of our graduates leave together, offering support to one another. At ninth grade, students are eager to experience new friendships and challenges that support their individual interests before college, and are ready to make a smooth and confident transition into high school.


Weizmann students matriculate to a large range of independent and parochial schools, including Polytechnic School, Westridge School for Girls, Sequoyah School, Flintridge Preparatory School, Waverly School, Campbell Hall, Loyola High School, and de Toledo High School. Our eighth graders also transition smoothly to arts magnet schools such as the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, as well as honors and gifted programs at Marshall Fundamental and other local public schools. 

We love to keep in touch with our graduates and their families and honor them with an Alumni Assembly in the spring. Our former students are frequent visitors to Weizmann, returning as friends, Buddies, interns, and guest lecturers.