Welcome to Weizmann Day School

Weizmann Day School is a non-profit, independent, co-educational community Jewish school established in 1983.  We welcome students and families from an array of Jewish, interfaith and diverse backgrounds.

Our campus is located in Pasadena, near the beautiful Eaton Canyon nature preserve.  We offer Kindergarten through eighth grades and are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the BJE: Builders of Jewish Education. 

Weizmann graduates transition seamlessly to the area's leading private secondary and high schools including Flintridge Preperatory, Pasadena Polytechnic, Westridge and Waverly as well as honors and gifted programs at local public schools.  Our alumni have gone on to attend selective universities including UCLA, USC, UC Berkeley, Tulane, Emerson, Harvard, Columbia and NYU.


Dates to Remember


November 10: School Closed - Stave In-Service

November 11: School Closed - Veteran's Day

November 12 & 13: Parent/Teacher Conferences - 12:15pm dismissal - ASA available

November 14: Generations Shabbat - 1:15pm classroom visit - 1:45pm Galpert Sanctuary

November 26: Thanksgiving Concert - 11:30pm-12:15pm Galpert Sanctuary - No ASA

November 27 & 28: School Closed - Thanksgiving


Weizmann Day School News
See the beautiful rendition of "Mi Ha'Ish" sung by Cantor Wendy Bat-Sarah and Dr. Judea Pearl at our Daniel Pearl World Music Days concert today. This song is the inspiration for our school-wide Middah (value) this year: Bakesh Shalom (Seek... Peace). Translated lyrics below:

Who is the man
Who desires life
Who loves all his days
To see good

Guard your tongue from evil
And your lips from speaking deceit

Turn away from bad
And do good
Seek peace
And pursue it
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— with Judea Pearl and Wendy Strandtmann Bat-Sarah.