Supporting WDS

We appreciate the efforts of the community to support Weizmann Day School through tzedakah, or righteous giving.  We depend on the financial support of parents, alumni, and other friends to meet our financial goals.  In addition, many grant programs look at the parent participation in our fundraising program to verify that we have community support.

We are open to any and all ideas for creative fundraising or other support to the school!

Annual Fund

As with most independent schools, tuition alone does n

ot cover the expense of providing a quality Weizmann education. The school’s Annual Fund enables us to close the gap between tuition and our operating budget. Our Annual fund ensures: that our students have the most engaging study materials, that a Weizmann education can be made affordable for as many students as possible, and that we can retain the most dedicated and qualified teachers.

Our Annual Fund is sustained by generous gifts from Weizmann parents, alumni, faculty, staff, school board trustees, grandparents, community members, and foundations. As part of our school’s practice of Tzedakah (righteous giving) we have a proud tradition of 100% family, faculty and staff participation in our Annual Fund each year.  

Please click here to donate to our Annual Fund and support our amazing community!


Weizmann Day School has been an important hub of our community for more than three decades.  Due to the quality of a Weizmann education and unwavering support from our community, ours school is thriving.  However, we are also acutely aware that ours is the only remaining Jewish Day School between North Hollywood and Las Vegas.  To ensure that a Weizmann Education will be available and affordable for many generations to come, our school has launched an Endowment campaign – which is like a long-term savings account for our school. 

You can support our endowment through any combination of cash, multi-year pledges, legacy bequests (in a will or trust) or even insurance policies.  All gifts pledged by June 2016 qualify our school for generous matching gifts and incentives. 

Please click here for more information on supporting our Endowment.